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Cryptonian is a backtesting platform for crypto trading algorithms, while being a crowdsourcing hedge fund aiming to reach the true alpha in understanding the crypto market. At Cryptonian Trading Systems, we pride ourselves on being a young, diverse group of students dedicated to quantitative finance and computing. Our approach to design is research-driven. We're devoted to providing small-time investors with institutional-grade research and algo-design tools, comparable to those implemented by Bay Street professionals, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost.

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Our platform allows users to test their trading algorithms on past cryptocurrency trends.

Live Trading

Easily implement your trading algorithms into the real cryptocurrency market.

Natural Language Processing

Don't know how to code? Our NLP algorithm converts text into functional code for you.

Why Cryptonian?

Background & Opportunity

Cryptonian leverages cutting-edge Machine Learning specifically for the growing market of cryptocurrencies. While automated trading in stock exchanges is very much commonplace, there is a lack of similar platforms in the crypto markets. This creates a huge opportunity for algo trading. Cryptonian aims to become a leader in this space with our Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm launching mid-2018, effectively making Cryptonian the world's first Crypto Reinforcement Learning fund.

Furthermore, there is a significant gap within the FinTech industry between financial knowledge and coding ability. By using Natural Language Processing, Cryptonian is able to convert language any individual with a background in Finance could understand into code that can be directly implemented. In this way, we're looking towards making high-level trading increasingly accessible for all.

How It Works

Projects & Features

Cryptonian's core product is our machine-learning based high frequency crypto trading algorithms. Besides our Recurrent Neural Network algorithm combined with a trend-following strategy, our Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithm is also able to trade in a model-free manner on the crypto markets.

Machine Learning
Road Map

Our Timeline

As we gain investment interest, paired wth our excellent algorithm outlook (for example, our Recurrent Neural Network returned a net profit of 76.40$ out of a 5,000$ investment within two weeks) Cryptonian anticipates exponential growth in the near future.

Our Core Team

Who We Are

Cryptonian was built by youth who believe in the power of exponential technologies.


Bonnie Li

Quant Trading Engineer

Quantitative Trading Engineer

Bonnie Li

Bonnie Li is the founder of Cryptonian. With a rich background in quantitative finance and algo-trading, she is responsible for tech and machine learning in the team.


Jerry Qu

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Jerry Qu

Jerry Qu is a skilled Machine Learning developer, having built projects such as Reinforcement Learning models for self-driving cars and Image Classification algorithms. Though he is responsible for ML development at Cryptonian, Jerry is also well-versed in Blockchain.


Ramy Zhang

Business Operations

Business Operations

Ramy Zhang

Adept at harnessing the power of social media, with a background in decentralized applications and blockchain, Ramy is responsible for business operations at Cryptonian.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cryptonian has developed two crypto-trading algorithms, the first being a Recurrent Neural Network machine learning algorithm which is combined with a trend-following strategy. Having implemented $5,000 into this algorithm, Cryptonian has achieved a net profit of $76.40 within 2 weeks, which is a 1.47% return. The second algorithm is a Deep Reinforcement Learning model, able to trade freely in the crypto markets. Cryptonian is looking towards implementing $50,000-$70,000 into this algorithm by August 2018.
The Cryptonian platform is an open-sourced backtesting platform that will make it easily accessible for anyone to create, test, and implement their trading strategies. In order to bridge the knowledge gap between financiers and developers in the space, Cryptonian will implement a Natural Language Processing model that allows users to convert English text directly into functional code.
As we speak, Machine Learning is already dominating the quantitative finance and algorithmic trading space. With the recent rise of the crypto market and the lack of firms applying machine learning-based algorithmic trading to crypto trading, we believe there is a huge, untapped opportunity in this space. Furthermore, because the crypto markets are highly volatile and emotion-driven, Cryptonian believes that our cutting-edge trading models provide an excellent outlook on this industry.

Cryptonian's 2018 Report

Stay updated about Cryptonian's projects and learn more about how we can help you venture into the world of algo-trading with cryptocurrency.

Our annual reports allow us to stay connected with you and give you the information you need to know about what we're up to in the fastest and most streamlined manner possible.

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